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The oligarchs’ “Last Supper” and revenge on a journalist

 Roman Revedzhuk, the prominent Ukrainian journalist and Republican politician, has released a front-page video from sources in the Ukrainian Security Service. Revedzhuk himself is now forced into hiding in Europe due to persecution at home.


According to the journalist, this “film” was recorded at a secret party of the most influential Ukrainian oligarchs in 2018. It was during the party that the plot happened, which resulted in the presidency of V. Zelensky.

It is easy to recognize the oligarchs, their representatives and the entire political elite of Ukraine in the video: Yatsenyuk, Akhmetov, Surkis, Poroshenko, who was then the President of Ukraine, the Prime Minister, a half of the government, many pro-Russian politicians, former presidents … and the current head of state, Vladimir Zelensky.

Revedzhuk is sure that then the oligarchs made the fateful decision – to make Zelensky a president. This was done out of fear of losing influence on the state due to the unpopular management of Poroshenko. Therefore, the participants in the meeting played out a well-known scenario for the Ukrainian society.

The journalist draws attention to the fact that today Poroshenko’s people remain in key positions in power. It has long been known that he has a common business with Putin’s godfather Medvedchuk. Meanwhile, the former “regionals” are returning to power without any problems, and the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov also held on to a key position. Revedzhuk repeatedly called him an agent of the Russian special services. Meanwhile, business and political representatives of Russia feel like in their element in Ukraine.

Accordingly, the journalist concludes that today Zelensky is just a product of the plot of oligarchs, which only voices the necessary theses in order to make it easier to play the Ukrainian people along.

After Revedzhuk first published the video, he was exposed to a lot of dirt and accusations from all sides. A lot of resources were invested to ensure that this video was blocked to the full.

Recall: in February 2020, it was reported about the planning of the assassination of journalist Roman Revedzhuk and his flight from Ukraine. Rostislav Shaposhnikov, a journalist for the “Dorozhnyi kontrol” newspaper, published recordings of conversations with the details of the Revedzhuk assassination plan. There is a voice similar to the pro-Russian politician and Avakov’s ally, Ilya Kiva.

In May 2019, Revedzhuk and his associates founded the republican public organization RUKH25 and ambitiously announced the formation of a new political class in Ukraine. According to various sociological estimates, this movement as a brand had 4 to 4.5% of the total electoral support. After that, a whole anti-campaign in the media was created against Revedzhuk. As it is known from public sources, the pro-Russian politician Andrei Portnov led it in order to form the public opinion through propaganda and many fakes in the pro-Russian and Russian media that Revedzhuk is a criminal who should be in prison.

It all started with Revedzhuk talking on television about corruption in the political elite. Particular attention was paid to Avakov, who, according to the journalist, organized a whole system of “protection” for corruption in his department.

Therefore, Revedzhuk faced public threats and prosecution, and several criminal proceedings were initiated that are not being investigated. After leaving Ukraine, Revedzhuk gave a long interview, where he refuted all the fakes about him and revealed the details of corruption schemes. He also published secret documents of the Security Service of Ukraine confirming the fact of high treason of senior state officials that he managed to take out of the country.

In addition, he has repeatedly stated that today the era of populism and lies is swallowing the world; there is a struggle between the Left and the Right for a redistribution of influences. He explained the situation on the example of the US elections: “Why is Biden supported in Ukraine? Because the agenda is shaped by the oligarchic media. The entire mafia-oligarchic system that runs the state professes socialism and modern communism. In other words, left-wingers. Therefore, people were shown bad Trump, who managed to provide Ukraine with significant security assistance, despite the fact that the “big diplomat” Poroshenko had managed to spoil Ukraine’s relations with the administration before Trump was elected president by publicly supporting Clinton.

Today in the world there is a cynical struggle of the Left that hides behind a screen of democracy against the Republicans. Therefore, I was persecuted and could lose my life for organizing a republican platform in Ukraine and telling the truth about the left-wing liars who are plundering Ukraine.

Avakov, Medvedchuk, Poroshenko are the main embodiment of socialism, capitalism and modern communism. They personify the mafia-oligarchic system and tear Ukraine apart. Therefore, for them, Biden and those who are behind him represent the provision of opportunities to freely manage the process and completely destroy the Ukrainian nation”.

Following such statements, Facebook deleted Revedzhuk’s profile and imposed restrictions on his last name. The public page and Instagram profile were added to the shadowban in order to eliminate the journalist from the media space as much as possible.


Olha Pysar, Global Village 

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