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Main challenges for relationships between Ukraine and EU this year

Четвер, 21:06, 25.02.21

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Main challenges for relationships between Ukraine and EU this year


Ukraine is a part of the European civilization but there are a lot of challenges on a way to developing themselves as a country that has serious intention to be strong in civil rights and rule of right government. 


In a way to EU development Ukraine is clear in wishing to be part of European Union. But there are some countries, especially "Old Western countries", that do not want to see Ukraine as a part of the EU. It depends not only on their specific vision in international relations and really big corruption problems in Ukraine. Serious challenge to Ukraine is proving and working hard on positioning the government like a reliable partner for the EU. 


EU - NATO - Ukraine from army strategic vision and security


Ukraine needs to provide army standards as in NATO. Automatically the country became an enemy for Russian Federation in the strategic area. Consequently, it will have provoked stronger modus operandi against Ukraine in information propaganda and war confrontation not only in Donetsk and Lugansk region and in the south region of Ukraine mainly in Kherson region.


Hence, we can see the following fact that if the EU will not support Ukraine with a Crimea position and Russian Federation aggression against Ukraine we can face a situation when it would need to change priority in the EU integration idea as well. It will be not only a challenge for Ukraine and also for Europe.


East Europe and Ukraine in geostrategy


As we know that has been created the "Lublin triangle". Headquarter is in Lublin. This cooperation oriented against terrorism in three countries: Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine and there are a lot of documents in cooperation in Eastern Europe protection mission. But we can see Poland's vision and as often as not Poland "game" to be a proto project of "Rzeczpospolita" with its own geopolitical ambition. Although, we can see that Ukraine is the only place to curb a Russian aggression. Ukraine is a place for possible open conflict between Russia and NATO. According to this information Ukraine must be more pragmatic in possible future geopolitical big games.


What if the EU falls into pieces? Ukraine has no idea what it will have to do in a development strategy. It means that we need to have different visions for our future in different projects and in different circumstances. 


EU - Ukraine in economic sphere


Ukraine is mainly agrarian country, consequently EU have lots of interests in Ukrainian goods, but last does not have standards for sharing export assortments. Ukraine really depends on some kinds of goods, mainly from Poland (meaning about meat and milk products). Ukraine must be stronger in protecting domestic producers and at the same time must make good competition abilities. Also must have the strong middle class in economic activity. But in last we have so many problems with the taxations and monopoly in energy resources from oligarchs which have been a pressure for the government in tariff policy and consequently in taxation.


Post Pandemic world


The countries are changing in their economic activity. Ukrainians have been in declining of the financial crisis and want to find a job abroad, especially in European countries. Expects decreasing human source in different economical areas and it will be a serious blow for the firms and middle class at all.


EU - Ukraine in climate challenges


The European countries have a plan to change some factories and put a new base for producing renewable energy. European countries deny resources which pollute the environment. Ukraine is an outsider of this process because we have no future without the factories, nuclear power plants that employ many people, of course according to the official government position. This makes everything Europe tackle in using Ukraine as a "drop litter country". Ukraine is a good place where they can rubbish out their trash or a place where European enterprises can build dangerous factories for the environment to avoid punishment in their countries because it is just there under the ban but here it is legal. European Union has a mission on fighting with climate change but we can see the cons here for Ukraine. 


China - Ukraine - EU


China is one of the biggest trade partners for Ukraine. Many plants and factories cooperate with China and agrarian objects too. In an era of globalisation we need to understand that it might be necessary to include the interests of many players in economic relations. On this way we see the sanction problems when Ukraine has an offer to produce something in plants for export to China but as a result the Russian Federation consumes Ukrainian products through intermediaries of China. The EU will not be able to understand this because European countries provided the sanctions against Russian aggression and Europe has problems with the supply chain from over the sanctions. There are "double standards" problems in Ukraine behaviour. 


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