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A Critical War between Android and iOS

Четвер, 14:35, 04.03.21

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The global telecommunication environment has evolved dramatically, whereas there was a time, which a majority of us have witnessed, associating our parents and grandparents with wired landline communication sets, which were further transformed into wireless handsets that too were not portable at all. All of these initiatives had been taken to improve the aspect of communication between individuals, and hence working with technology allowed more enhancements with the help of innovation and modernization. It was not long when we all witnessed Nokia stepping forward in the market with handy cellular devices, and Nokia 3310 and 3330 were two major devices that changed the history of cell phones. Both of these devices were sleek, small and efficient (of their times), and they made a huge success within their reign. However, Nokia did not stop being a monopoly of its era, and it continued to provide more devices for its customers. We all have witnessed the success of Nokia at an immense level without any doubt, and Nokia continued to grow significantly.


New competitors came forward which already have vanished today, or either has successfully developed into a huge multinational. However, this was certainly not true with Nokia as today the company has almost entered its phase of decline. Companies such as Ericson, Sony, Motorola, Samsung, Siemens, Blackberry and iMate surrounded us in early times, yet we were only attracted to Nokia. Although it was a fact that other brands provided devices that were more attractive and were filled with functions that Nokia lacked, yet Nokia developed its brand image successfully, which integrated the demand of every other user.


Technology has never been persistent, and today, the traditional bar phones which Nokia made are no longer in demand, and they are hardly visible in the practical markets. This change has been bought through the birth of smartphones having an operating system to perform all your necessary technical requirements.


Our Role in this Journey

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From Symbian OS to Android and iOS

Perhaps smartphones had been present in the environment even earlier than we all know. We believe 2007 was the early time when HTC stepped forward with Android technology being an advanced version of the Linux operating system while Apple introduced its iPhone 2G. Both of these companies were game-changers of the cell phone industry. However, this is not a fact. Smartphones were initially launched by Nokia, which received significant awareness and recognition but was never known as smartphones. The corporate E series and funky N series by Nokia all had been equipped with a chipset and a processor being run on Symbian Operating System.


There was a time when we all were fans of Nokia E72, a corporate yet stylish device that allowed us to perform several operations such as using Wi-Fi, emailing, or accessing Nokia's application store to download games which were very popular in the early days.


However, ever since efficiency came in between the race of technology, it was evaluated that Apple’s iOS and Android were more powerful devices, allowing touch features embedded into a phone, providing an experience similar to using a portable laptop. With this regard, Nokia continued losing its significance as devices having touch screens were found more attractive, efficient and easy to use.


What Happened Next?

As soon as Symbian OS had been eliminated from the market, the war between Android and iOS started. It is a usual tech-fight between our social circles when Android supporters present justifications as to why Android has been the right OS in the market while Apple users are passionate and possessive for their devices and their brand in whose support they can get every possible justification.


Having tested both platforms, the justification of Android supporters over the fact that it is a more developer-like phone allows you to customise your devices as you like. We usually have our desktops and laptops well-decorated with attractive wallpaper and keeping important and daily-use applications on the face. Furthermore, we can install anything that we require in an Android system which is a benefit.


However, iOS users have confronted all these elements as being a lack of safety for your devices. They believe that iOS is more easy and efficient, which can overtake the majority of functions available within smartphones.

In the end, it all depends on your preference and the association you have developed with a device. Be it an iOS device or an Android; if you are familiar with any, you will automatically adjust to it and get used to it, while switching could be a difficult option.


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