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Do Airlines offer discounts for group travel?

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American Airlines Group Flight - Book a Group

Most often, when we hear about group travel, it's assumed that it's for vacation. The discount is usually given by airlines. However, there are some exceptions. For example, if you travel with a group of people for business meetings or conferences or sports teams, you may not be eligible for the discount. American Airlines group travel covers all of the following and gives you the discount. However, you must follow certain terms and conditions to receive the discount.

American Airlines Group Travel Policy

You must follow the American Airlines group travel policy to make group bookings. The policy includes all items.

It would be a great idea to have the e-ticket.

Reservations can be made by calling an American airline's reservation line or through an authorized travel agency.

American Airlines members can earn the miles

It is possible to make an upgrade, but it must not be in conflict with advantage programs.

American Airlines offers help with group bookings.

This article will provide you with sufficient information about group bookings such as their types and terms and conditions. You can also contact the customer service department by phone or email.

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