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Felix Arturovich Yusupov

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ІнтересиI shell sill for USA dollars Russia cheaply My relative on my blood with the child born from the USA has received on september 17 th 2016 in Miami the USA sitezenship of the USA iscreditaple very much i is strongy glad!!! Donald Tramp has correct reason under many attitudes incluiding on an excommunication moslemes and others not agnostics and atheists. Supporters of the president of the Russian Federation Putin V.V. and other patients. The President of the USA becomes Donald Tramp it conducts to succes. Russian fucking foggot kill yourself-VISITING AND USE OF MY TERRITORY AND THE PROPERTY IS FORBIDDEN TO RUSSIA! - Last two years concerning me for disagreement about activity of the Russian Federation and its public services, communists, socialists, anarchists, many decisions of investigatory bodies basically attempts for me for extremism, separation Russian of Federation, destruction of the Russian Federation are born. I am put on the account in specialized body. Numbers of affairs on the Supreme Courts of Russia:№ 60-КФ 15-90 от 9.02.2016; № 60-КФ 16-64 от 15.04.2016 And concerning me constant repressive actions by means of gangsters of especially dangerous recidivists are carried out, the some people I have managed to photograph...In connection with idiocy and inferiority of state officials and structures and Russia, without recognition symbols being completely in protective equipment and in masks with the weapon in hands under direction of inspector Kashapova and judges Starikovoj Alekseeva, Belousov, Kondratenko put ( Спецназ УМВД Камчатского края) Special troops of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Kamchatka edge to me of a mutilation in area of heart legs, and beat on a head in area fists and beat a nape about a concrete floor at an entrance three times I lost consciousness and they again continued to put fatal a mutilation on the vital bodies. The idiotic special troops of police (Grunin, Belik, Tupiz, Soboleva, Gorodechtian, Gavrilov, Shamayan - ОАО " Шамса холдинг", Eluhin-gubernator, Sidorenko-sociolist, Mahov, Novikov, Osokina, Kuchkin, Kashapov, Starikova, ОАО "Океанрыбфлот"- Ponomorev, Evtushok, Shadhin-"шатен", Azimov K, Usov A. A., Efimenko, Tatarhcuk-ФСБ,РФ, Chernov-УИН, Cherepanov, Vorobiova, Ushakevich - ООО "ПКМРП", Mashkovcev -komunist, No, Yun "Деси холдинг"-koreetc, Nevzorov, Ivanov, Ivanchey - ОАО "ПКМТП", Budkovets, Derechin, Yakovleva , Zemin, - (Федерация профсоюзов камчатки) Fedorovskiy А. А. - OOO "Кворум" ) consisted from ethnic Russian, ethnic ukrainecs, and ethnic koreets. Thus extorting an apartment, money, and other property, the house of the cop while around on noise refer neighbours. I have answered the Russian terrorists to full refusals in all.. From traumas caused by Russia I pass treatment.The Russian extremists used all opportunities to spoil to me a life, even have tried to close me in " the Kamchatka psychoneurological clinic " - in the Conclusion from September, 28th, 2015 №1105 made by experts Nazipovoj E.V., Kanatnikovoj L.I., Ivanina L.N., is particularly written under the instruction of public prosecutors of Knyazev, Bashmakova, Krotova, Koldak, Krivenko, Bergnoiy and others to apply a preventive punishment to me the conclusion under the guard with imprisonment to studying Yusupova including why at it vertical pupils of eyes, and extortion at it apartments and other private property that breaks human rights. I very much would want that the persons mentioned under surnames have been quickly arrested, and by court are sentenced to a death penalty through an electric chair, I gratuitously on these executions would take part as the executioner. профиля:http://www.tagged.com/5888885/
Сфера діяльностіпрофиля:http://www.tagged.com/5888885
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Struggle against communists capitalists naming, and with silly dynasties of the peasants, a Russia being the government since 1917 which the criminal authority Ulyanov gone under a nickname Lenin which earlier headed has killed and has expelled all competent and the brought up people from the country, and has copied in the USA the policy of reunion territorial units in the form of staffs, however territories has named republics, will proceed infinitely that has established the world and the order among people it is necessary to put immediately without preventions a nuclear attack across Moscow precisely on the house of the government and the Kremlin, simultaneously across Ekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Nizhni Novgorod and Novosibirsk, and also Велючинску, with the purpose to stop influence of silly dynasties on territories where Russia. At Stalin Rossisky the rouble had a rate of 24 copecks to one dollar of America, in the USSR, at Brezhnev a rate of 64 copeks to one US dollar. At the governments of Russia where Ruusia and the most illiterete During since 1991 for 2016 the rouble exhange rate became 65 roubles one dollar it is a parametr of idiocy of the goverment of Russia. The most illiterate President is Putin V.V. and its bestial government. We shali destroy the government and state empioyees of Russia. We shIdiotic board of Presiden of Russia of Medvedev and Putin and their governments actually proved not only a difference of a rouble exchange rate in relation to US dollar. But also the following facts Russia has the greatest territory and the greatest resources, and thus citizens of Russia. Except for state employees entering into dynasties, live very poorly and oppositely, simultaneously Medvedev and Putin tougehens existence of the specified class of citizens all more strongly, and thus does indulgences for foreigners and emigrants. Putin and Medvedev have rejected Russia on 300 years ago and continue to be engaged in it is strengthened developing roguish,unreal,idiotic institute of churches and other religious movements, having allowed vile church attend ants of Russia tu litter brans to sitezens with pagan statements, and to take away from them propwrty. Simultaneously having resolved churces to be engaged in any enterprise activity thus not taxing their and checks. Now each large buissnessman of Russia has the temple to not pay taxes. Idol of President Putin is Cuban criminal authority Chigivara wich suited a garbage dump from Cubes, having liwered its lrvel of existence on five levels. President Putin does a garbage dump of Russia now echoing Chigivara and Kastro. Lets desttroy state employees of Russia together with Putin and Medvedev, made Russia, the country of the third world. The President of Russia should be billionaire Abramovich or to it similar.all discharge them of authority !!!

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